First phase of the construction of metro D in Prague approved

The construction of a new fourth metro line in Prague, which will be marked by “D” letter and blue colour, will begin by the section from Pankrác to the Olbrachtova station. Supervisory board of the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has approved the construction variant, thanks to which it is not necessary to wait for purchase of land for the entire route, which will accelerate the metro construction. DPP’s decision is supported by the management of the capital city of Prague, the Prague mayor Adriana Krnáčová welcomes the effort to accelerate the construction of the metro.


Prague's DPP expands electric buses

As a part of the long-term strategy of the bus transport emissions reduction, the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has been testing an electric bus that is charged from the tram power supply network in real operation with passengers for a year and a half. The charging takes place during operational breaks in the Želivského turning loop via a two-pole pantograph collector located on the vehicle roof, from a short section of a trolley built specifically for this purpose.


2017 investments in Prague Public Transport reach €245m

This year the Prague Public Transit Company (PPT Co.) plans to invest a total of CZK 6.6 billion (€245 million) in the public transport system. The investment priorities for 2017 include the preparation of the construction of the new metro D line, the modernisation of the safety technologies in the metro, the delivery of 15T trams from Škoda Transportation, the reconstruction of already existing tram lines, intensive preparation for the new tram lines and for the construction of new barrier-free access to the metro. The Jinonice metro station will also be renovated.


Prague: Successful first year of electrobus operation

The electrobus has completed its first successful year of operation. 

The Prague Public Transit Company (PPTC) has been involved in testing electrobuses for more than five years. In accordance with this project on the 31st August 2016 the SOR/Cegelec EBN 11 electrobus concluded its first year of operation on regular lines. The positive operating results and the need to continue monitoring the important parameters brought about the decision to extend the trial operation period until the end of August 2017.


Prague moving closer to driverless metro

By 2022, driverless trains could be running in the Czech capital. Metroprojekt has been awarded a EUR 16 million contract to prepare the design study for the future driverless metro Line D in Prague.

The Metro Line D will begin by intersecting with the A Line of the existing metro system at Náměstí Míru and also intersect with the C Line at Pankrác. In total, the new line will have 10 stations and end at Depo Písnice in the southern part of the city.


100th Bus Committee meeting in Prague

Since 1960, UITP has fulfilled its role helping shape the evolution and development of bus technologies, bringing together bus operators and key industry players and encouraging the exploration of topics such as noise and air pollution challenges, the use of low-level floors for passenger access and the development of hybrid engines and other low- or zero-emission vehicles.


Barrier-free access at Prague Metro

On March 1, 2016, the Prague Public Transit Company inaugurated passenger lifts in the A and B line Můstek transfer metro station. The construction of the lifts represents an aspect of the urban concept of removing barriers in public spaces. Both at Můstek Station itself and in the adjacent streets the actual construction only took place during normal operation. Currently 70 per cent of all of the Prague metro stations are fully accessible.


Prague featured in prestigious MasterCard report

Prague holds a great 19th place in the 2015 MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index!

Prague has been the only city out of the Central and Eastern Europe region featured in the international travel destination Index by MasterCard. Based on insights into travel patterns, the Global Destinations Cities Index provides a ranking of the 132 most visited cities around the world. London retained Index's leading position as the top-ranked international travel destination.



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