Prague and DPP will start looking for a private partner for the construction of Metro D

On the 20th of July 2017, the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP), in accordance with the resolution of the Prague Capital Council from the 18th of July 2017, opened a tender for a strategic partner into a joint venture being co-established by DPP, to maximise the utilisation of development potential of the area related to stations prepared in the first phase of the project of brand new, fourth line of metro D in Prague.

The main purpose of the joint venture is a support for the urban development of the areas surrounding the stations of the route of metro I.D – 1st phase, advancement of the development potential of the land located in this territory and, last but not least, realisation of corresponding economic profit from handling with these lands and other associated real estates.

“My objective is still the same, i.e. to start the construction of metro D as soon as possible. I therefore see the involvement of the private sector as a great way to make things much faster and to reduce the costs on the side of the city,” Adriana Krnáčová, the mayor of Prague Capital, said.

The purpose of the tender in question is to transparently select a partner for the development of strategic territories within the framework of the project, under conditions which are fully published on the DPP website,“ Martin Gillar, the chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of DPP, stated.

The first operating section of the route D (I.D) is being prepared in the Náměstí Míru – Depo Písnice section. This is the most important planned transport facility in Prague and at the same time also the largest construction investment in the horizon of next five years. The length of the section is 10.6 km, with the total of 10 stations: Náměstí Míru (transfer to line A), Náměstí bratří Synků, Pankrác (transfer to line C), Olbrachtova, Nádraží Krč, Nemocnice Krč, Nové Dvory, Libuš, Písnice and Depo Písnice. The project includes also construction of the fourth depot of the metro. 

Photo: DPP